welcome to the bakery full of sweet-scented gingerbread cookies. You can't smell the magic scent, but we hope that our cookies will at least please your eyes, heart, or bring a smile to your face. 

We make our cookies with love.

Our delicious gingerbread cookies are always freshly baked and hand decorated with royal icing. 

They are made with the finest quality ingredients:

(wheat flour, homemade honey - directly from beekeepers, free-range eggs, icing sugar, farm butter, real Dutch cocoa, ginger, cinnamon, cloves, anise, star anise, natural vanilla extract and baking soda.

Royal icing: egg whites, icing sugar )

Gingerbread cookies are the perfect addition to any occasion and may be personalized with names, initials or your event date and customized to your event colors for no additional cost. 

Every cookie is decorated with a coordinating satin bow and individualy wraped in a cellophane bag for freshness. They stay fresh for 6 months in their original packing. To prevent the colors from fading, store the cookies away from direct light.

The minimum order of half dozen of the same color is required.

Please contact us with any other questions about the cookies and ordering  - we are here for you.


Thank you for being our customers.


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